Finally, a product that solves the challenges of hanging a picture!

View our NEW product demonstration!!
See how easy it is to install and adjust your artwork to achieve the perfect arrangement.
Notice how each piece is held parallel to the wall, exactly where you placed it.
No other product can achieve such a uniform hanging arrangement this easy

Nothing looks nicer than a well laid-out arrangement of beautiful artwork. However, nothing will distract from the arrangement more than if they are NOT perfectly aligned!

   Go from this?



To this!

Without having to move a nail, hook, or even remove it from the mounting surface!

Our unique patented solution enables precise alignment in both horizontal and vertical directions, with no visible hanging hardware.

The freedom to adjust your arrangement in any direction enables you to try different configurations, without moving the hanging hardware!

Position the pieces farther apart;


close together to achieve a totally different look.

It’s your choice, it’s easy; and you don’t have to reposition a nail, hook, or any hanging hardware to try it out.

Don’t worry, once you achieve the perfect placement, your arrangement will stay put! Even at an angle.

Our patented solution holds your wall hangings exactly as you left them; eliminating any skew or movement over time.

Each piece is held parallel to the wall; further enhancing the uniform appearance of your arrangement and providing a secure means of holding your artwork.

And speaking of secure; this hanging solution is STRONG! No more accidentally bumping your artwork off the wall.

To prove our point, that’s a total of 10 extra pounds hanging on the picture frame to the right.

Total flexibility, hidden from sight, and strong. What more could you ask for?

Achieve the professional look and results you’ve always wanted, but could never get. Remove the difficulty of measuring and planning your arrangement; and focus on enjoying the true beauty of your well arranged, perfectly place artwork. Ideal for displaying single piece of art; a must have for groupings!

Truly revolutionary and one of a kind, its’...


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